Share Purchase Plan

New Talisman Gold Mines Limited is pleased to announce that it is giving shareholders the opportunity to participate in the company’s capital raising program in the form of a Share Purchase Plan (SPP).

The SPP will provide shareholders resident in New Zealand or Australia (eligible shareholders) on 4 September 2013 (the record date) the opportunity to subscribe for shares up to NZ$15,000, or Australian $12,600 in total or in lots of NZ$1,000 or Australian $900.

New Talisman has decided that the SPP is not able to be made to shareholders who are resident in other countries so as to avoid breaching laws in the relevant jurisdictions. New Talisman, in making this decision, has taken into account the small number of overseas shareholdings within holders not resident in New Zealand or Australia.

The issue price will be NZ 1.0 cent or AU 0.86 cent.

The issue price has been calculated by taking the volume weighted average price of New Talisman shares traded on the NZX Main Board over the 5 trading days prior to the offer date and discounting this price by 9%. The Australian dollar equivalent has been calculated by converting the NZ dollar issue price to Australian currency using the Westpac bank exchange rate applicable at close of business on 4 September 2013 which is 0.8578.

Funds raised from the SPP will be used to initiate underground bulk sampling and evaluation at New Talisman Mine in Karangahake (including mining and processing options, safety and environmental requirements and relevant consents) and for working capital.

The SPP documents will be mailed to shareholders on 10 September 2013.

The offer closes at 5pm New Zealand time on Wednesday 26 September 2013 and allotment is scheduled to occur on 2 October 2013.

Shares issued under the SPP will be quoted on the NZX Main Board, and application will be made for shares to be quoted on the ASX, and are expected to commence trading on the trading day after the allotment date. NZX Limited is a registered exchange, and the NZX Main Board is a registered market, regulated under the Securities Markets Act 1988. NZX Limited and ASX accept no responsibility for any statement in this announcement or the SPP documentation.

 Download SX Release 5 September 2013 SPP