The Company is committed to providing an environment where employees and others in the workplace are treated fairly and all decisions are based on merit.

The Company recognizes the value of attracting and retaining employees with different backgrounds, knowledge, experiences and abilities.

The Company has a culture that takes into account the domestic responsibilities of its employees.

Diversity includes, but is not limited to, gender, age, ethnicity, religion and cultural background.


The Board is committed to the promotion and application of the Diversity Policy in maximising the achievement of corporate goals.


Benefits arising from employee and Board diversity include: a broader pool of high quality employees; improving employee production and retention; accessing different perspectives and ideas and benefitting from all available talent.

Selection and Appointment Processes

The Company is committed to a process of selection and appointment where all candidates are treated fairly and evaluated objectively.

Recruitment and selection decisions are based on relative ability, performance or potential regardless of a candidate’s age, gender, nationality, cultural background or any other factor not relevant to the position.

The short listing of potential candidates should, if possible, include at least one female candidate and if, at the end of the selection process a female candidate is not selected, senior management, the Nomination Committee or the Board must be satisfied that there are objective reasons to support this decision.

Annual Review

The Nomination Committee shall annually review gender diversity within the whole organization, senior management and the Board.