New Talisman Raises NZ$348,445 under Share Purchase Plan

New Talisman Gold Mines Limited has raised NZ$348,445 (before expenses) following receipt of valid applications and payment under the terms of its Share Purchase Plan dated 5 September 2013.

New Talisman executive director Matthew Hill said “the company had a good response from existing shareholders, particularly New Zealand residents, which underlines shareholder confidence in our plans for the next step in the company’s operations toward full mining. We are in discussions with a number of institutional investor groups and their representatives to complete a placement for remaining funds required to initiate bulk sampling and production of gold from such operations under the terms of our mining permit”.

 88 New Zealand shareholders and 17 Australian shareholders joined the Share Purchase Plan, raising NZ$258,000 and AU$79,700 respectively

 As a result of the Share Purchase Plan, New Talisman is issuing 35,067,437 shares today at NZ 1.0 cents or AUD 0.86 cents per share, raising the equivalent of NZ$348,445 (before expenses). The funds raised will be used to:

 Initiate underground bulk sampling and evaluation at the Talisman Mine in Karangahake (including mining and processing options, safety and environmental requirements and relevant consents) and for working capital.

 All valid applications for shares will be issued for trading on 3 October 2013.

 Download SX Release 2 October 2013 SPP