Unlisted Options Issued Under Employee Share Option Plan

New Talisman today issued 4,000,000 unlisted options to eligible employees under its Employee Share Option Plan approved on 19 September 2013.

Notice Pursuant to NZSX Listing Rule 7.12.1

Class of Security: Unlisted Options over Ordinary Shares


Number issued: 4,000,000

Issue Price: Nil on issue of Unlisted Options. Exercise price of AUD 1.1 cents to convert one Option to one Ordinary Share.

Payment in Cash: N/A

Amount Paid Up: N/A

Percentage total of class of securities: 100%

Reason for issue: Unlisted Options issued under Employee Share Option Plan

Specific authority for issue: Board Resolution dated 11 November 2013.

Terms of the issue:        2,000,000 Options are exercisable immediately and 2,000,000 Options become exercisable 12 months from the issue date, subject to the employees continued employment. Options also become exercisable where a person becomes the holder of a relevant interest in 50% or more of the voting shares in the Company or a takeover offer is served on the Company. Options have a term of 5 years from the issue date.

Total number of securities on issue after issue: 4,000,000 Unlisted Options

Treasury Stock: N/A

Date of issue: 11 November 2013

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