New Talisman Completes Sale of Shares

  • Sale of balance of Armadale Capital PLC (ACP) shares nets NZ$417,927
  • Net return on capital invested in February 2013 of 38%

 New Talisman Gold Mines announced today it has completed its program to sell down the Armadale Capital PLC (ACP) shares issued following the acquisition by ACP of NTL’s interests in the Mpokoto Gold Project.

Following the acquisition late last year of NTL’s interests in Mpokoto by Armadale Capital PLC, a UK listed entity, NTL received 93 Million ACP shares. NTL has now completed the sale of its shares in ACP netting a total of NZ$417,927. This represents a return on capital invested by NTL in February last year of 38%

Executive Director Matthew Hill said “New Talisman is pleased to have exited this investment on such satisfactory terms. The funds from the sale of the shares in ACP will be applied to the company’s Talisman project which received resource consents for proceeding with the Bulk Sampling phase of the project late last year.”

 Download SX Release 17 January 2014 Re Sale of ACP Shares