Notification of Allotment

For the purposes of Listing Rules 7.12.1 and 7.12.9, New Talisman Gold Mines Limited advises the following

Securities have been issued:


a Class of security Ordinary Shares
b Number issued 2,000,000
c Nominal value A$22,000
d Payment terms Payable in cash
e Amount paid up Fully paid on issue
f Principal terms Ordinary shares in New Talisman Gold Mines Limited
g Percentage of class of securities 0.35% (after issue)
h Reason for issue Issue of ordinary shares on exercise of 2,000,000 unlisted options in accordance with NZX Main Board Listing Rule 7.3.10(b) and ASX Listing Rule 7.2, exception 9(b)
i Authority for issue Shareholder approval of 19 September 2013 and board resolution
j Terms of issue The ordinary shares will be quoted on the NZX Main Board and the ASX and will rank pari-passu with existing ordinary shares
k Number of securities in existence after issue 565,883,501
l Treasury stock Not applicable
m Date of issue 25 February 2014



a Number of Securities converted 2,000,000 unlisted options
a Number and Class of Securities into which have been converted 2,000,000 ordinary shares
b Details of any interests or dividend conditions attaching to Securities Converted and allotted upon Conversion None
c Number of Securities of the same class that remain to be Converted 8,500,000 unlisted options

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