Rights Issue – Extension of Key Dates

Rights Issue – Extension of Key Dates

To ensure that Australian shareholders are not adversely affected by the New Zealand Queen’s Birthday statutory holiday on 2 June the rights issue has been extended from 3 June to 6 June.

The revised timetable is set out below:

Closing Date (last day for receipt of the completed Entitlement and Acceptance Form with payment and last day for renunciations) Friday 6 June 2014 5.00pm (NZ time) and 3.00pm (AEST)

Shortfall notified to the NZX and the ASX Thursday 12 June 2014

Allotment and Issue of New Shares and dispatch of holding certificates (Issue Date) Friday 13 June 2014

Quotation of New Shares Monday 16 June 2014

These dates are subject to change, New Talisman reserves the right to amend this timetable, subject to the Listing Rules and all applicable laws, including by extending the Closing Date. New Talisman reserves the right to withdraw the Offer and issue New Shares at any time before the Issue Date in its absolute discretion.

Sue Sangster
Company Secretary
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