Stockpiled Talisman Ore Prepared for Treatment

NTL previously announced it had moved approximately 50 tonnes of ore stockpiled on the Talisman mine pad to an external storage facility.

NTL is pleased to announce today that it has removed a further 22 tonnes of ore that remained on the Talisman mine pad to a crushing facility nearby the mine. This ore was crushed and sampled and then moved in bins to a secure storage facility.

NTL is also pleased to announce today that the 50 tonnes of ore previously removed from the pad were recently relocated to a crushing facility for crushing and sampling. Previous spot samples of this ore showed overage grades greater than an ounce per ton.

The crushing process allows for an homogenous sample representative of the entire batch to be taken for detailed analysis of the gold and silver content. The results of the analytical testing are expected to be released in the next week.

This ore is now ready for processing following sampling by both parties at our potential toll treatment partner’s facility.

Attached to this release are pictures of the ore being removed from the pad and the crushing process.

Executive Director Matthew Hill noted “The board is delighted with progress on removing and crushing the stockpiled ore in preparation for pilot testing with our potential toll treatment partners. Once sampling is complete we will be in a position to ascertain the value of the first ore off Talisman in decades and we hope to be in a position to finalise toll treatment arrangements in the coming weeks once sampling is complete.”

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